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“The Oklahoma Association of REALTORS has hired dbaMeeting, LLC for several years and they have provided valuable service in Board meetings helping to guide properly the issues at hand. I also have personally learned a good deal of the process and procedures needed to provide proper structure and to facilitate meetings that would normally be highly combative in nature. ”

Mike Craddock
2009 President, Oklahoma Association of REALTORS


“I have had the privilege of being with and observing W. Craig Henry of dbaMeeting, LLC at two different all-day functions where he was teaching skills of running effective meetings using proper parliamentary procedure as the foundation. He was most engaging with the audiences of 50+ and kept them interactive with program. He is a polished, expert speaker who is sensitive to the needs of his clients.”

Bill Wylie
Owner , WLW Company LLC


“W. Craig Henry has provided Camp Fire USA Heart of Oklahoma Council with invaluable services, and continues to meet our needs whether large or small. Craig is smart, insightful, and has the ability to quickly, and correctly, assess a situation and suggest a course of action to follow. Personally I have learned so much about leadership and how to handle situations from Craig that I could not imagine my life without him just a phone call away!!”

Kim Kamp Leslie, MBA, SPHR
CEO, Campfire USA Heart of Oklahoma Council