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Welcome to dbaMeeting!

Better Organizations during, before and after the Meeting

Have you showed up at a meeting that started late?

Have you been at a meeting where no one was prepared?

Have you attended a meeting that never seemed to end?

Have you left a meeting wondering why you attended?

We’re here to help you have that efficient, prepared meeting so that decisions can be made and then you can head home or back to work. Just a little preparation during, before or after your meeting can make all the difference between a poor and a tremendous experience. Our mission is simple: Helping you have a great meeting!

Did you know:

  • Even if Robert’ Rules of Order is your parliamentary authority, you can make custom rules to fit your organization’s needs?
  • Bylaws do not have to contain every rule for your association (nor be 50 pages long?) Procedure manuals can be prepared for each subject area and can be changed much more simply than bylaws!
  • There are “Professional Presiders” available to chair your association meeting  to ensure neutrality during contentious deliberations? Or that a Certified Professional Parliamentarian can be available to advise the President on “sticky” procedural subjects?

dbaMeeting, LLC has the tenure,  knowledge and professional connections to assist in avoiding these “sticky messes.” Check out  our meeting and Leadership tips on our website. for immediate help. Or look through our services and contact us if you have a question or a need. Meetings can be fun and we want your organization or association to have the best meeting they can have!